Spring Clean Your Website

Not Another Sarah Spring Clean Your Website

Spring cleaning isn't reserved for your house, yard, and your closet. The change in season is a perfect time to refresh your website before diving into the sunshine and incoming orders from the new season.

So here goes...get ready for a productive week. 

Tip 1— Clean Up Your Products

When coming to your store your customers want to see what's new and available. Remove old products that will not be restocked and freshen up the page by moving items around.

Tip 2—Freshen Up Your Photos

Your photos are the most important thing on your website to communicate with your customers the value and specialness of your products. Update your images to reflect the new, fresh season. This will inspire your customers and stir up excitement for the new season of shopping and your items.

And, don't forget to name and add the appropriate alt tags to each photo to help optimize your images. You can read more about that here.

Tip 3—Check Your Links

You want your customers to easily find what they are looking for on your site without having to think about it or search around. Make sure that your site navigation is clear and all of your links work (and go to where you think they do).

Tip 4—Make Sure It's Responsive

When is the last time you looked at your store on a tablet? Do you know what it looks like on an Android phone and an iPhone? Or what about your Grandma’s ancient PC. Just because your site looks shiny and perfect on your laptop doesn’t mean it is scaling down the way you think it is. Check it out on as many devices as you can to make sure it looks the way you designed it to look!

Tip 5—Make Email Sign Up Forms Obvious and Often

Email marketing messages have the highest conversion rate when compared to social, direct mail and more. Make sure your email sign up forms are easy to use and appear often on your website. Don’t just bury them in a footer and hope people will find them. Dig them out and make them the shining star of your pages.

Taking some time to check in on the cleanliness of your site will not only make your customer experience better it will help you rank better in Google search.

Happy Cleaning!

If you need a little help getting things dusted off for the season we would love to give you a hand. Contact us anytime!